Rex Tayloe

Professor of Physics at


My research interests are the properties and interactions of neutrinos along with new ideas to look for dark matter. Publications:


See physics department undergraduate and graduate course descriptions.

  • Spring 2017: P460 Modern Optics.
  • Fall 2016: P110/120, Energy and Technology
  • Spring 2016: P460 Modern Optics. Course syllabus.
  • Fall 2015: P310/510, Environmental Physics. Course syllabus.
  • Spring 2015: P460 Modern Optics
  • Fall 2014: P310/510, Environmental Physics
  • Spring 2014: P460 Modern Optics
  • Fall 2013: P110/120, Energy and Technology. Course syllabus.
Classes taught:
  • P110/120, Energy and Technology
  • P201,P202: General Physics I, II
  • P221,P222,P301: Physics I,II,III
  • P331,P332: Theory of E&M I,II
  • P310/P510: Environmental Physics
  • P451,P551: Experiments in Modern Physics
  • P460: Modern Optics


At MES Hall (former cyclotron bldg):
Room 113B, MES Hall
2401 Milo Sampson Lane
Bloomington, IN 47408
At Swain West (physics bldg):
Room 265, Swain Hall West
727 E. Third St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-7105

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