IU Nuclear Physics

Accelerator Neutrino Group

Our group investigates the properties and interactions of neutrinos. This includes both the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations as well as using the neutrino to probe the structure of the nucleon and nucleus. We are also using neutrino detectors to look for accelerator-produced dark matter.

We do this work...
with support from the National Science Foundation
at Indiana University-Bloomington
within the Physics Department
at the IU CEEM (Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter)
located in MES hall on IUB campus.


Currently, our group is:
  • Rex Tayloe, Dan Salvat: PIs
  • Ben Suh, Bo Johnson: grad students
  • Sam Gladney: Undergrad
  • with excellent technical help from: Mark Luxnat, Gerard Visser, John Vanderwerp, physics-dept machine shop.
(Recent) Past members are:
  • Cornelius Salonis, Micah Heath, Sami Waller (REU students)
  • Calvin Nettlehorst, Liam Sherman: Undergrad students (now at grad school)
  • Max Hughes: postdoc (now at MPI-Munich)
  • Jacob Zettlemoyer, former grad student, now FNAL postdoc.
  • Matt Heath, former grad student now ORNL postdoc
  • Ivan Tolstukhin, former postdoc now scientist at Argonne Nat'l Lab
  • Tyler Thornton, former grad student/postdoc now LANL postdoc
  • Robert Cooper, former postdoc/Fermilab IF fellow, now at CRANE.
  • Lance Garrison, former grad student, Ph.D. Spring 2014, now with NNSA
  • Ethan Steele (undergrad, now med. student),


  • Jacob Zettlemoyer, "First Detection of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering on an Argon Target"
  • Matthew Heath, "A First Search for Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with Liquid Argon"

  • Current Projects


    COHERENT is an experiment currently running at the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source to make the first measurements of the CEvNS (Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering) process. This process has never been observed and is important to measure to understand dark matter interactions as well as fundamental nuclear physics. Our group is focusing on the Liquid Noble Gas effort.

    For more info, see


    MiniBooNE (Mini Booster Neutrino Experiment) is a neutrino oscillation experiment at Fermilab. We have been running since 2002 and in that time collected a huge data set and learned much about neutrino oscillations and interactions. See our publications page for those references. We are currently continuing to collect data in conjunction with the microboone experiment. We have also figured out how to search for dark matter in a large neutrino detector. See our publication in PRL for that story.

    Past Projects

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