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SciBath Detector Project

SciBath SciBath is a detector development project with the goal of producing a precise, large volume, liquid scintillation, tracking detector to use for the study of neutrinos and neutrons. It was developed for the FINeSSE experiment for neutrino studies. However, it may used to track other particles such as neutrons. We have built and tested a small (15x15x30cm^3) proof-of-principle device with 1d tracking. We then built a larger (50x50x50cm^3) prototype with 3d tracking capability and tested it muons, protons, neutrons, and neutrinos. Find publications, pics, and etc. here.


Newest at top:
  • 11-12/2015: Measured beam-induced neutron fluxes and shielding prototypes on BNB at Fermilab.
  • 8-10/2015: Measured beam-induced neutron fluxes in "nu corridor" at Oak Ridge SNS.
  • 5-6/2015: Measured beam-induced neutron fluxes in SciBooNE hall on BNB at Fermilab.
  • 5-7/2013: At IU CEEM: Measuring muon-induced neutrons
  • 1-4/2012: At Fermilab, Ran aboveground at MI12 for neutron background measuments for CENNS.
  • 10-12/2011: At Fermilab, Ran underground at NUMI/MINOS near detector hall to measure muons/neutrons/neutrinos. Data analysis in progress.
  • 6-9/2011: at IU CEEM: Commissioned and tested in our lab at IU CEEM

    Selected Publications


    • "Measurement of Neutron and Muon Fluxes 100~m Underground with the SciBath Detector", L. Garrison, FERMILAB-THESIS-2014-08. Inspirehep.net Link
    • "A New Method for Measuring Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering at an Off-Axis High-Energy Neutrino Beam Target", CENNS Collaboration, Phys.Rev.D 89, 072004 (2014). Inspirehep.net Link
    • "SciBath: A Novel Tracking Detector for Measuring Neutral Particles Underground", R. Cooper, L. Garrison, H.-O. Meyer, T. Mikev, L. Rebenitsch, R. Tayloe, arXiv:1110.4432 [hep-ex], Inspirehep.net link
    • "A large-volume detector capable of charged-particle tracking", R. Tayloe, H.O. Meyer, D.C. Cox, J. Doskow, A. Ferguson, T. Katori, M. Novak, D. Passmore, Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A562 (2006) 198-206, Inspirehep.net link



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